Finally Getting Started With Piano

I have always had a love and appreciation for Piano, I’ve been wanting to play for quite some time now and I was finally able to take the plunge and start. I’ve messed around before, and often just learned some songs by ear, but I’m severely lacking in my ability to play with two hands, especially at different speeds. I can’t wait to learn proper technique and some theory, and maybe at some point be good enough to record a full song and share it on this blog.

The only thing I’d like is to eventually have a semi-decent digital piano (that is all that will fit in my condo), as right now I only have an old PCM keyboard from the late 80s from my mom, which I’m currently using as a MIDI controller with Ableton so I can at least get some decent synthesized piano sounds. It should be sufficient enough for now but its limited to six keys at a time and they’re not weighted at all so I can’t play anything louder or softer. So if I get decent with it I’m definitely going to have to make an upgrade.

That’s all for now, just wanted to share. Putting it out there makes the goal more real, wish me luck!

James Montour is a Systems Administrator and information security enthusiast living in the US. His skills include Active Directory Administration, Database Administration, Network Administration, Automation/Scripting, Windows Server Management, and IT Compliance.

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