Elämä – Michigan 4K

Shot over a week in 2013 all over Michigan, Elämä has finally been completed.
Watch it in 4K here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_xy5ypoeHE

James Montour

Executive Producers
Robert Montour
Sabrina Montour
Tammi Jerdonek

Music by Dexter Britain [http://dexterbritain.co.uk/]

Special Thanks
Scott Northrup
Robert Montour
Sabrina Montour
Tammi Jerdonek
Sandra Robinson
Samuel Wood
WIlma Koers
Cole Rogers

Sponsored in part my The Stratton Foundation

Shot on the Canon 60D and the Nikon D5100.
A big thank you to Dynamic Perception for their assistance in my DIY Stage Zero system, and to Ryan from Dynamic Perception for taking care of all of my custom orders. This also could not have been made without the amazing people that work very hard to make Magic Lantern.

James Montour is a Systems Administrator and information security enthusiast living in the US. His skills include Active Directory Administration, Database Administration, Network Administration, Automation/Scripting, Windows Server Management, and IT Compliance.